Natural repellents for the Kitchen

As a chef I am no stranger to the methods used to keep the unwanted pesky out of my kitchen both at home and at work. Harsh chemicals are implementation usually a main part of these regiments. Besides my extreme persistent need to keep my kitchens clean and pristine, keeping these creatures away from your kitchen is a health issue. There is no exceptions. My kitchen at work is regulated by city and county code enforcement agencies. There are procedures and certain requirements that must be met, so I don’t have much say on how this is accomplished. Now as far as my kitchen at home of course I have absolute control.

First Stepnatural-repellent

Of course the first step would be cleanliness. Cleaning up after every meal and every time the kitchen is used is an extremely easy way to keep away those nasty creatures. It is also the first line of defense. By cleaning any food or crumbs there is not anything for them to eat which is the main reason they come in to your kitchen in the first place. I guess in that way they are alloy like us. I also wanted a natural way to repel these pests.

Natural At Home

At home I wanted to accomplish the same things and level of pristine conditions at work, and part of that is keeping out those unwanted guests. I wanted to find a way to keep away the vermin without using those harsh chemicals used in a commercial kitchen.

I came across this site –, and in this site I found articles such as – Natural Spider Repellent, which is one of the main culprits. Spiders are not the only things you don’t want in your kitchen or in your home. There are many other helpful articles that help repel these things naturally in your kitchen as well as your entire home.

Catering Cosplay

One of the services we provide for our clients is catering. We have catered events and social gatherings for many years now. We also provide this service for events hosted by high profile celebrities and personalities. Recently we were hired to cater an event not the event in particular but the personalities hosting and participating in the event. The event was a cosplay, and host were cosplay girls.

Catering Cosplaycosplay-girl

Like I said, we have many years of experience catering to the stars, or guest of honors at certain events. The stars of these events are usually very demanding and have very different wants. These costume divas are no different. For example, most girls had no trouble eating because of their costumes but some girl’s costumes were especially elaborate to say the least. The girls with more simple costumes of course had no trouble moving and acting normally, especially when their costumes were almost regular cloths. A Misty cosplay costume is a good example. It’s easy to perform everyday functions when your costume is a pair of shorts, a yellow t shirt, sneakers and suspenders. Other girls had very complex makeup, hair, and/or costumes that made it very difficult if not impossible to be able to first – get food to their mouths, and second – eat without staining their costumes. A lot of these cosplayers put a lot of time and money in to these costumes and the ruining them with food stains could and probably would be devastating to them and the event.

Going That Extra Mile To Satisfy Our Clients

We know how to please our clients not just with great food, but with great service. We always go above and beyond the call of duty. So in order to help resolve the issue and help find a solution we asked the girls if they needed help serving and then eating their food. The offers were well received. We helped by serving the food to those who couldn’t serve themselves. We have in the past provided this service to our clients if it is part of the package they pay for, but this isn’t part of the services the event coordinators asked for. Never the less we knew it would help with this issue.  For some we had to go as far as to feed them because they couldn’t reach the food or forks to their mouths, and we were extremely happy to do it. The event was fun and would definitely do it again, but next time I would recommend the serving service as part of the catering package.

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